Find out where you can buy tablet PC's on finance

Credit options on a range of tablets including iPad's, Nexus's, Note's, Kindle's, and the new Surface Pro

With more gadgets coming out every day it can be difficult to keep up, especially since the prices seem to be increasing. This is where catalogues step in. They provide a quick and easy way of buying a tablet, like an iPad, on finance and pay for it later or in small installments.

Breaking the payments down into monthly or even weekly sums makes everything more affordable and you can even set up a direct debit so that you don't even know you're paying! Our goal is to find you the best stores that offer credit options on tablets. We do this by reviewing each and every catalogue and comparing their payment plans, product ranges, prices, delivery options and returns period. Please note that credit is only provided to customers who successfully pass the credit and affordability checks.

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Where from?

Many UK catalogues like Lookagain and Argos now have a huge selection of tablet pc's including the latest iPad on finance.

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Credit Options

Most stores will offer a spread the cost option of either pay monthly or pay weekly whilst others also boast a buy now pay later payment plan.

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Interest Rates

Most catalogues will charge you interest on any credit plan you take out with them but there are a few which offer an interest free period.

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Payment Periods

The length of your payment period is really dependent on your preference. If you want to pay it off quickly you can, if not, that's up to you!